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"Cant say much that others haven't. Accurate photos of a beautiful woman, who is actually younger and more petite than her pics indicate. Unbelievably nice personality and eager to please. This is a no brainer. Go see her and be nice."

"I have no idea whatsoever what unbelievable good karma I made to cause the universe to have me and Chloe cross paths, but whatever I did, the two hours we shared will be one of the things I relive on my death bed.

I have never ever met someone like Chloe before. My time with her was beyond mind blowing. Beyond earth shattering. Beyond good luck. Beyond anything I've experienced before."


"Chloe is a doll with a tight, banging body and a great attitude. We had a great age play session which she was extremely enthusiastic about. Her skills are off the charts. If you are into MILFs she is not for you. She is a hot young girl. I cant wait to repeat!"


"Had the good fortune to be able to spend a late night couple hours with this incredibly beautiful, sensual woman. She may be young in years but has such a natural beauty and primal sensuality that is rarely found in anyone any age.  All I can say is that it was intense as to the chemistry between us and an incredibly satisfying experience."


"Chloe is back from a few year hiatus when she was going to school. She's a sweetheart, fun to be with and loves to give and receive pleasure. She's a great girl and highly recommended."

"Truth be told, I like her so much I would prefer to be selfish and keep her all to myself! Chloe is an absolute sweetheart and unique. She is demure and seems to be shy at first, but if you are a gentleman (or gentlewoman) and Chloe likes you, she becomes a hot little vixen! Respect Chloe and her limits, be considerate, pay attention to her pleasure, and you will be amazed at what you receive."


"Don't blame me if you go broke seeing her over and over! All too soon it was time to leave, and she sent me off with the softest and most sensual of kisses. The last thing I saw was Chloe's devilish little smile. I will be seeing her as soon as possible!"

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